Curator Statement

The Dark Room is a unique venue for the city of St. Louis; it is a place to enjoy, observe and/or indulge in a wide variety of cultural offerings, including thought-provoking photography by emerging and mid-career artists. My involvement with the Gallery came about as Director of Exhibitions at the International Photography Hall of Fame, an early curatorial sponsor and community partner for the space. Although I am no longer at the Museum, I continue to curate for The Dark Room because I fully support what this business offers the photography community of the region.

Photography is the most significant art media at the moment, perhaps because our culture is so fixated on the experiences of others (ie. social media, hyper-connectedness, etc.), and there is no more experiential form of art available than photography. Maybe this is in part due to our brains relaying memory information about our surroundings in a heavily image-centric way. Whatever the reason, we continue to produce and consume more than 400 billion photographs worldwide each year, a volume of communication second only to the written (or typed) word. As a curator, it is my job to discover, decipher and present some of the excellent bodies of work being produced by local photographers each year in a way that both is accessible to the viewer and honors the artist’s intentions.

– Jason Gray, Curator