Month: January 2019

Chrissy Renick – 12/15/18

Performance Date: 12/15/18

Artist: Chrissy Renick

Song(s): “Nardis”, “Valerie”

Full lineup:

  • Andrew Stephen – Keyboards
  • Jake Stergos – Bass
  • Tim Moore – Drums
  • Brady Lewis – Trumpet
  • Chrissy Renick – Vocals

Chrissy Renick has recently proven her formidable talents as a featured vocalist during Mo Egeston’s ‘Late Night Grooves’ sets on Saturday nights. One night last December, she took full rein with her own band.

The crowd was captivated by Renick since the first note she sang during sound check, and she commanded their attention until the end of the night.

The second set in particular held a couple of highlights, including a spacy version of Miles Davis composition “Nardis” and an energetic “Valerie”, a Mark Ronson song famously sung by Amy Winehouse.  Both songs feature fantastic solos from Stephen on keys, Lewis on trumpet, and Ms. Renick herself scatting, pitch-perfect.

Watch the full performance here:


Ptah Williams Trio – 9/7/18

Performance Date: 9/7/18

Artist: Ptah Williams Trio

Song(s): “Mandela City”, “Tones for Joan’s Bones”

Full lineup:

  • Ptah Williams – Piano
  • Darrell Mixon – Bass
  • Gary Sykes – Drums

Jazz is all about interplay and even intuition. Players have to anticipate their bandmates’ every move. And of course, the longer the band has been playing together, the more the band is able to communicate on this almost telepathic level. Such is the case with Ptah Williams, Darrell Mixon, and Gary Sykes, who have been playing together for over 30 years.

I wanted to share this video, which captures the return of drummer Gary Sykes, who was absent from the Ptah Williams Trio for months last year due to heart complications.

It was a breath of fresh air to hear Sykes on the drums again with his longtime musical comrades. There seems to be an effortless synergy that happens when the three of them get together. Check out their rendition of Chick Corea’s “Tones for Joan’s Bones” or the Williams original “Mandela City” to see what I mean.

Their performance is a testament to the power of the unit—not Williams, Mixon, and Sykes as individuals, but the group as a whole—which truly becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Watch the full performance here:


Mo E featuring Snoopy, Jingo, and Dhoruba – 9/1/18

Performance Date: 9/1/18

Artist: Mo E featuring Snoopy, Jingo, and Dhoruba

Song: “Butterfly”/”Everybody Loves the Sunshine”

Full lineup:

  • Eric “Snoopy” Tyler – Bass
  • Duane “Jingo” Williams – Percussion
  • Dhoruba Shakur – Drums
  • Mo Egeston – Piano/Keyboards

Even though I came into my job as a reasonably knowledgeable fan of Herbie Hancock’s work, for some reason I had always skipped over his 1974 album “Thrust”. So, I’d never really heard the classic song “Butterfly” before the summer of 2016, when I started working with the Kranzberg Arts Foundation. It turns out to be one of the more popular songs for artists to reinterpret on the Dark Room stage.

The version I present here is the most electrifying version I’ve heard while performing sound engineering duties here (so far). It features Mo Egeston on keys, Dhoruba Shakur on drums, Eric “Snoopy” Tyler on bass, and Duane “Jingo” Williams on percussion.

Egeston flies just like a butterfly on electric piano before switching back to synth, at which point Shakur breaks it down, and the song takes on an early ‘90’s techno vibe. They play the “Butterfly” rhythmic motif once more in a climax, before transitioning seamlessly into Roy Ayers “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” for more abundant jams!

Watch the full performance here: