Month: April 2019

Kim Fuller & Tom Byrne – 9/2/18

Performance Date: 9/2/18

Artist: Kim Fuller & Tom Byrne

Song: “Dock of the Bay”


One thing I love about Dark Room performances is hearing all the different influences that go into each artist’s personality. Jazz overlaps with other musical styles on a regular basis, and the individual voice of each artist determines what kinds of other influences you might hear in a performance.

Kim Fuller has been a wonderful artist for the Dark Room Stage, especially for our brunch. She has a very nice, bright voice and such a radiant personality! Once during a performance, she wound up doing an impromptu tap dance!

After an Aretha Franklin tribute of “Chain of Fools” and “Respect”, she and Byrne did a version of another great soul song, “Dock of the Bay,” which famously features a whistle during the outro.

Fuller asked if there was a whistler in the crowd because she never learned to whistle. No one volunteered, but when it got to that section of the song, Fuller asked the crowd again. Right on cue, a young woman started to whistle, and she sounded great. She whistled that whole section before the crowd erupted in applause and laughter. It was a fun moment, with smiles on faces all around.

These are the kind of special moments that happen at the Dark Room that truly make it a special place.

The intimate atmosphere of the room really lends itself to organic performer-listener engagement.

Watch the full performance here: