Month: May 2019

Anita Jackson – 3/8/19

Performance Date: 3/8/19

Artist: Anita Jackson

Song(s): “Brick House”, “Proud Mary”, “At Last”

Full lineup:

  • Joshua Krump – drums
  • Teddy Brookins – bass
  • Darius Savage – piano
  • Anita Jackson – vocals

Whenever Anita Jackson takes the stage, there are bound to be some surprises…

Her Dark Room performances tend to bring in some of St. Louis’s most storied soul singers, as well as some of the city’s most highly-respected jazz musicians. It can turn into a literal game of musical chairs!

It’s not only an interactive experience between the musicians though. The crowd gets to make their mark on a performance as well, by making song requests and dancing, sometimes with Ms. Jackson herself! Her band is adept at fielding requests, though they joke from the stage that they’ll “butcher them all.”

Though the band plays wonderful renditions of R&B classics like Deniece Williams’s “Free” and Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Goin’ On” in the first set, it was the second set on this particular evening that had the crowd going. The ultra-high-energy mood that you’ll see here really sums up what an Anita Jackson show is all about: having a good time. Sometimes we can be too serious with our music preferences or hold unnecessary ideals about what is art. I say, look no further than the Dark Room stage while Anita Jackson stands on it. None of those high-minded conversations matter, when all we really want to do in this life is have a good time…

The second set contains an all-out extravaganza of funk. First, Jackson invites Silky Sol to the stage to sing A Taste of Honey’s “Boogie Oogie Oogie”, complete with an amazing bass solo by Teddy Brookins. He catches so much fire that Jackson ends up fanning him off!

Then, in honor of International Women’s Day, Jackson starts off the Commodores’ classic “Brick House” by singing the bass line. She then proceeds to sing the song from a different perspective: the woman’s perspective. It’s really a must-watch moment, with Brookins continuing to reach deep down into the funk, with percussive slap bass perfection.

Next, she invites Chuck Flowers up to sing a request, Bobby’s Womack’s “You’re Welcome, Stop On By”.

The crowd is riled up by this point, but soon they really get rollin’ during the American classic, “Proud Mary”. When the band transitions to the famous fast section of the song, the crowd loses their collective minds!

Watch the full performance here: