BLStet – 1/3/19

Performance Date: 1/3/19

Artist: BLStet

Song(s): “Detitled”, “Green Finch”“Milestones”

Full lineup:

  • Brady Lewis – Trumpet
  • Kendrick Smith – Alto Saxophone
  • Jawwad Spann – Tenor Saxophone
  • Jesse Gannon – Piano
  • Bernard Terry – Bass
  • Dhoruba Shakur – Drums

Trumpeter Brady Lewis made his debut at the Dark Room with a band that featured some of the heavier hitters on the local jazz scene. I’ve personally witnessed each and every one of these players destroy the stages they play on!

It’s always fun to hear a new band perform at the Dark Room, because I don’t know what I’m going to hear. I never know if I’ll hear all jazz standards, original songs, or a combination of both. It’s impressive when a set of mostly originals keeps an audience’s undivided attention. Such was the case when Brady Lewis’s band played at the Dark Room early this year.

Lewis’s compositions showcase both an excitement and a sophistication. Almost none of the songs feature the straight-ahead, swing-style rhythm that we’re used to hearing in jazz, yet all of the songs have an indescribably familiar quality. Maybe it’s simply that the playing is so strong; there’s no weak link in this lineup.

This performance is pretty much gold throughout, but here’s a couple of my favorite moments:

Watch the whole performance here: