Chronicle Ferguson: Photographs by Santiago Bianco, The Dark Room’s next photography exhibition is on display from June 2nd through August 4th and will celebrate its opening on Friday, June 5th, 2015 with a reception held by Santiago, the International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum, and curator Jason Gray from 6-9pm during the First Fridays Art Walk in Grand Center.

Santiago Bianco

Inarguably, the most significant event in recent history to impact the civil environment of St. Louis was the tragic shooting death of Michael Brown, by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, on August 9, 2014.  This event, and the public outcry that followed, has heightened focus upon race relations in the city and across the country.  It should be no surprise that photographers rushed to document the unfolding response, some for posterity, some for news, some for who knows what reason.  Santiago Bianco, a product photographer, was one of these.


Looking back on his images and upon the experiences he had as a photographer in this environment, Mr. Bianco saw a prospect for this work, and the work of others on the subject.  He envisioned a book that would tell the story of what happened in Ferguson; something for current and future generations to look back at and reflect upon, that would be told from the point of view of those who decided to raise their cameras and take a picture (whatever their motivations may be).  The benefit of such a work would be from its universal lack of pretense or political affiliation, a book intended to tell a first person perspective of the powerful, saddening, maddening, and sometimes inspirational acts that have defined a community after Mike Brown’s death.


This book is to be called Chronicle: Ferguson, and will comprise work from potentially hundreds of photographers.  Exhibited in any context for the first time, the images displayed in this room are the motivation for this historic document.


Curator, Jason Gray