Dan Zarlenga: Night Visions
on display May 17
Opening Celebration during First Fridays on June 3rd

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A nighttime landscape show from Dan Zarlenga, Digital Content Manager for the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Artist Statement:
The world under twilight, moonlight and starlight.

A lot of people may not think of night as the best time to take pictures. Yet the world looks different after the sun goes down . . . unique, mysterious, and intriguing.  So while many photographers are putting their cameras away, I’m usually getting mine out.

These photographs are a collection twilight scenes, starscapes, star trails and moonlit landscapes, all revealed by the magic of long exposures.

I’ve been in love with the night sky all my life. After becoming interested in photography, it seemed only natural to bring the two together. I especially enjoy the challenge of blending Earthly and celestial subjects together in the same image.

Many of my scenes are built by combining multiple layers, which I illuminate by painting with light. Stacking images taken over time reveals the trails left by stars as they move through the sky. Every element in these images though was part of the actual scene. Nothing other than light has been added. Creating scenes this way allows me to capture each element at its best exposure and focus.

Under the dark cloak of night, the world becomes an open palate upon which you can play with light in new and creative ways.  When it comes to photography, daylight is merely an option.