“Modulation – Establishing the New Key in the Culture of Jazz St. Louis”

Featuring work by Collin Elliott, Tyler Small, & Justin Mikhail Soloman.
Curated & Designed by Hayveyah McGowan

On Display November 20th – January 8th

The images displayed in this exhibition are a collection of Jazz St. Louis instructors and students by three St. Louis photographers, Collin Elliott, Tyler Small, & Justin Mikhail Solomon. These images have been hand selected and digitally interpreted by interdisciplinary artist Hayveyah McGowan to reveal a contemporary perspective on jazz visuals.

While jazz has had a great influence on photography and design for more than three quarters of a century, its importance as a pillar of the art form is rarely discussed, “and if we ain’t talking about it then who the hell is!?” (McGowan). Staring in the 30s, iconic jazz labels like Blue Note pushed the boundaries of design and photography to create a style that is relevant today. As an organization, Jazz St. Louis’ mission is to advance the uniquely American art form of jazz. This includes their intentional focus on the visual landscape within the genre. Moving forward, they aspire to establish a new leadership behind this historically relevant aesthetic.