New On The Scene, our first photography exhibit celebrates its official opening on Thursday, March 27th. The reception with last from 6-8pm.


New On The Scene showcases eight recent graduates of Webster University who are now photographers working in the St. Louis area. Seven are working in the field as professional photographers; one has gone on to graduate school.


They are working as assistants or doing freelance work. Some are specializing in editorial photography, portraiture, food or photojournalism. These eight are fresh to the scene and doing a bit of everything…that is how you start out to make a life in photography.


Each one loves this medium. They experiment. The photographs on display here come out of the personal expressive projects which each continues to explore. Images made with toy cameras, multiple exposures, abstractions on walls and more.


Curated by Susan Hacker Stang in conjunction with the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum


Embodying the nexus of art and life in Grand Center, The Dark Room wine bar and photo gallery offers patrons an opportunity to experience fine art and fine wine under the same roof. Rotating monthly photography exhibits curated by the International Photography Hall of Fame, locally sourced menu items, and a progressive wine program curated with care by Bill Kniep of Pinnacle Imports will make The Dark Room the ideal place for friends to SIP, SEE & SHARE!


A partnership between Grand Center Inc., the Kranzberg Arts Foundation and the International Photography Hall of Fame, The Dark Room is a 501(c)(3) non-profit under the direction of managing partner Chris Hansen, director of theaters and events for the Kranzberg Arts Center.


Communication defines the human experience because of its complex and unique nature. Photography is the medium through which I feel most able to communicate my emotions, thoughts and ideas.
When I am not shooting commercial work, I look to stop the passing light, the serendipitous movement of the sun’s path throughout the day or the neon glow of an old sign in the night.

Photographs available for purchase, signed, unmatted, for $300 each.


I am the most nostalgic person I know, longing for childhood and for eras I wasn’t even a part of. I love to travel and see as many places as I can and meet as many people as possible. I find everything to be fascinating, giving my life up to chance and faith. My mind is flooded with possibilities and I seek to make a photograph from every idea that pops in.

Photographs available for purchase, signed, unmatted, for $275 each.



I have been working in the commercial field as a photography assistant for local and national photographers for the past two years.

I was born and raised in St. Louis, and have been working in a professional kitchen for more than half my life, I have always looked
for inspiration in food.

Please enjoy what I hope you find
a happy balance of the simplicity of an everyday object with a fun and complex twist.

Photographs available for purchase, signed, unmatted, for $300 each.


I am a freelance photographer
who does a full range of commercial work while specializing in portraiture. I transitioned from
an internship to now working as an assistant for photographer Brian Cummings. Brian is a Saint Louis commercial photographer and director with 15 years of experience in the commercial field and a BFA in graphic design.

Photographs available for purchase, signed, unmatted, for $300 each.



I’ve spent a year working for marketing companies doing photo, social media, and content writing.
I returned to Webster in September 2013 as the graduate assistant for the May Gallery, the photo gallery
at the University.

I am currently working toward my
MA in Media Communications while fulfilling tasks such as the Gallery’s social media, community outreach, hanging new shows, greeting visitors, and various other tasks.

My portfolio is comprised of studio portraits, weddings, location portraits, and events. I am also exploring landscape and travel photography.

Photographs available for purchase, signed, unmatted, for $200 each.




I rely on my camera as a
motivator to get me out of the house, and a vital tool in turning
my ideas into realities.

It is my hope that people will look at my images for more than two seconds; five seconds would be good. Scientists say that if you focus on something for 18 seconds it will be committed to long-term memory, which would be ideal.

I also enjoy long walks down the alleyways and stopping to smell
the honeysuckle.

Photographs available for purchase, signed, unmatted, for $300 each.




I have two Bachelors degrees
in Photography and Business Management. My photographs have been featured in over 20 exhibits, from the May Gallery in St. Louis to the Soho Photo Gallery in New York City. I was the winner of the Nancy Underwood Photography Scholarship in 2012 and in 2013 was the first Webster undergraduate to have a solo exhibit at the Sheldon Art Galleries. I’m currently teaching photography at Ranken Technical College. In addition to being a photographer I am is also a writer and musician.

Photographs available for purchase, signed, unmatted for $250 each.






I am a commercial imagemaker
and currently work as a freelance photographer and assistant.

Photographs available for purchase, signed, unmatted, for $300 each.