Platinum Visions, The Dark Room’s next photography exhibition is on display from September 2nd through October 28th, and will celebrate its opening during the First Friday gallery tour in Grand Center on September 5th, 2014 with a reception held by the International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum and curator Jeff Appel.


Platinum Visions is a collection of photographs from Christian Nze & Ray Bidegain exemplifying the intricate photographic production technique of platinum printing. Each of these photographs is truly touched by the artist, making it one of the most beautiful forms of photographic history. A platinum emulsion is painted onto the watercolor paper by hand, and the artist then contact prints the negative, creating a timeless image crafted in the same way since the late-mid 1800s.


“Although I am not able to claim the creation of these beautiful Platinum Photographs, I can claim my involvement in getting these Photographs to St. Louis from Portland, Oregon and from Normandy, France. My role is that of a lifelong Photo enthusiast that studies it, collects it, and represents over 20 Photographers from 4 countries right here in St. Louis…Both Ray Bidegain and Christian Nze have great respect for the History of Photography and send their appreciation to everybody for their support of this Exhibition.”

– Curator, Jeff Appel

Christian Nze

PLATINUM VISIONS – on display through October 28th, 2014


Christian Nze:


(Please note that Chris speaks many languages, and English is his fifth, these are his words.)


Hi Brothers and sisters,


I was born and raised in Brazzaville (Congo), before moving to Babylon (France, Paris). As self-taught photographer, Me first became interested in the medium when me Big brother began taking pictures in Africa with a cheap Eastern Babylon “bald head” camera.


In 1988, I began to study photography on me own. Me later accepted a post as photographer at The Salpetriere Hospital in the neurological research laboratory.


In 2002, Jah save me soul and show me a way to Normandy Hill (Green grass land), taking more time to focus on me personal artwork. Since 2004 Ini have devoted me soul and body exclusively to the creation of fine art photography and Jah rastafari. Me subject matter consists mainly of landscapes and still-lifes, exploring both the outer reaches of the Normandy landscape, and the inner world of Me studio.


I work in many areas: Platinum prints, carbon, gum contact prints and gelatin silver prints made from large-format to holga negatives. My images possess a serenity and quiet sense of contemplation that defines me unique signature style.


My photographs have appeared in numerous publications and are collected by private collectors through Babylon. Me and my wife, Evelyne, reside in Normandy with our children.


May you all enjoy me photography as much as me enjoyed making them for you.


Chris Nze

Love always

Ray Bidegain

PLATINUM VISIONS – on display through October 28th, 2014


Ray Bidegain:


After a long commercial career working as a black and white photographer, I discovered the beauty of the platinum print and began to teach myself this art over 10 years ago. I was drawn to the older alternative photo processes because of the hand-made nature of the work and its inherent beauty. I find peace in my photographs, and mostly photograph things that present themselves voluntarily into my life. The images serve as visual reminders of moments and feelings I have experienced, signifying both the passage of time and the reverberation of consistency in all of our lives.


Four years ago I began sharing my passion for platinum printing by teaching small workshops and found that I very much enjoyed the personal interaction that teaching offers. I strive to fill my students with excitement for this work, and to ensure their success in mastering the process.

PlatinumVisions features work from:

  • Ray Bidegain (Portland, Oregon)
  • Christian Nze (Normandy, France)


Curated by Jeff Appel in conjunction with the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum



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