so sweet and so cold
By Ruoyi Gan, curated by Jack Radley

On display October 26th – November 7, 2018

As part of For Freedom’s 50 State Initiative, The Dark Room presents a solo exhibition of new works by Ruoyi Gan, curated by Jack Radley. The exhibition features photographs that explore ecstasy and loss as they relate to bodily consumption. Gan’s immersive explorations of shifting selves speaks to For Freedom’s emphasis beyond the politics of the country, towards the politics of the artist.

Ruoyi Gan creates images that exist in spaces tethered between ecstasy and loss. Born in China and raised in Texas, she uses an eclectic mix of new and old media to find moments of the surreal within the mundane. Her recurring uses of the body, objects of consumption, and spaces of immersion create a narrative that speaks to the flux of self between moments of fulfillment.

Jack Radley is a time-based media artist, writer, and curator. He lives and works in St. Louis. Previously, Radley has been involved in campaign fundraising initiatives at the For Freedoms Headquarters in New York.