Sound + Vision – An Art Tribute to Rock & Roll, The Dark Room’s next photography exhibition is on display from August 7th through September 30th and will celebrate its opening on Friday, August 7th, 2015 with a reception held by the artists (Abby Gillardi and Kenny Williamson), the International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum, and curator Jason Gray from 6-9pm during the First Fridays Art Walk in Grand Center.

Abby Gillardi

J Roddy Walston

Jenny Lewis

Langhorne Slim


Shovels & Rope

Sky Ferreira


Tom Petty


What does Rock and Roll mean to you?


As Americans, we are an incredibly diverse group, but we do share a common musical heritage, the origins of which stretch long back into our country’s history. From its antecedent in plantation songs and Delta Blues to the moment the phrase “rock and roll” was first uttered by Alan Freed (in current connotation), this American popular music has been at the heart of how we commune, central to civil progress, and integral to trends in fashion, art and politics. Perhaps the most important role rock music plays though, involves how it relates to us as individuals. This music is there to motivate us when life seems hard, and to help us celebrate what we have overcome. Rock and roll is equally for lovers as it is for rabble rousers.


Each artist in Sound and Vision explores an element of the profound spectrum of rock’s influence, over themselves or society.


At The Dark Room, Kenny Williamson’s explosive concert images of international music stars like Elton John, Taylor Swift, and K.I.S.S. illustrate the dynamic skill-set that have made Kenny into the official photographer for the area’s largest music venues. His work places the viewer at the frontlines of performances that have defined a culture. Abby Gillardi’s images, in the same space, are testament to a spirit that is equal parts fan and insider, which has made her work highly sought out by local publications including Eleven Magazine and the Riverfront Times. These photographs express an intimacy and a reverence that are at odds. Meanwhile, commercial photographer John Paul Torno’s images of Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead) communicate the true fan’s perspective, seen through the youthful eyes of someone whose vision is now a trusted commodity for its technical efficiency.


The Kranzberg Arts Incubator hosts a solo show of some fifty-one paintings and drawings of the musician and icon, David Bowie, by mid-career artist, Mark Dethrow.   A chameleon of rock and roll, the album covers of David Bowie are probably the most thoroughly conceived visual statements of any public persona defined by sound- so why reproduce them in paint? This series of illustrations, like much of Dethrow’s previous work, seems less a testament to the subject than it does a meditation on self, which is to say, the amount of effort focused on producing the art is roughly equivalent to that of collecting recordings by the musician. It is important to note that any revelations obtained by the artist through first collecting the music and then through painting the portraits are essentially autobiographical. More than mere reproductions, these works express the layered significance of Bowie’s musical repertoire on the creative and personal growth of the artist.


Curator, Jason Gray

 Kenny Williamson

A.F.I. Pointfest 2014.05.01

Aerosmith 2006.10.15-15

BB King 2010.0218-02

Elton John 2013.11.24-2218

Foo Fighters

Greek Fire Pointfest 2011.09.10

KISS 2014.08.28-9514

NO Jazz Fest

Taylor Swift 2007.05.08-095

Tim McGraw 2013.05.23-2

Willie B&W 10.04.09 VWA

ZZ Top 2014.08.24

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