Transcendence Perfection Bliss of the Beyond

April 24th – May 22nd


A group show featuring over 14 artists steeped in The Negative, Book 2 of the Ansel Adams Photography Series, “presenting Adams’ essential concepts of the medium, but take into account the major evolutionary changes in photographic materials that have occurred since his earlier technical books appeared. Ansel Adams’ role in formulating the essential principles used by photographers today can hardly be overstated, considering his contribution of the Zone System and concept of visualization-both now part of the basic vocabulary of the medium.”

This exhibition also “…enlarges on visualization (considered by Adams to be the crucial element linking the creative process with the craft and technique of photography) to include the factors that govern the tonal values of the image, as recorded on the negative. Thus the creative act of visualizing a photograph is linked with the considerations of film, exposure, and processing chosen by the photographer.”

Excerpt from Ansel Adams’ The Negative, Book 2